I’m alive?!

Hello, I’m still alive! I’ve given up trying to make the Sims 2 work, so I guess it’s Sims 3 for me! I hope you’re all well and I promise to post soon! (I’ve been spending my time being obsessed with Pacific Rim, and college I suppose.)

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This is Emily! Sadly, my game is crashing again though. :(

Keiko Argent

On a more positive note, I think it’s smart that they’ve made creating a sim and building easier and quicker, hopefully without sacrificing too much detail. I admit getting bored playing the Sims 3 just because all the details take so much time!

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Mixed feelings about the Sims 4! I just feel like each time there’s been a new game I’ve always felt “Wow, that’s a big step forward!” Like the Sims 2 compared to the Sims 1 was mind blowing to little me, and the Sims 3 felt like a huge change too! I’m just not feeling that with this “emotions” thing.

Also, the game style reminds me a little bit of a mobile game in some of the pictures (but I know that will change a lot as it always does!). But I know I’ll end up buying it and at the end of the day if it’s not to your tastes just don’t play it. It looks like it’d be really fun to play, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not seeing any huge differences.

Excited for the livestream!